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Our method uses and develops memory and  logic at the same time thanks to personal  experience “anchoring”   and implementing results of studies related to  memory enhancement.  Audio-visual  support in every lesson: we use video projectors and tablets to watch videos, cartoons, films and work on images. Motivation is the first step and a precondition in the  learning pathway. The use of authentic (not didactic) films,  cartoons and videos allows greater involvement and to  obtain immediately visible results.  Our approach is completely different to the  traditional methodology: your level is a question of  fluency and pace and not of grammar terms and  corresponding themes. We start from the most used words in the  English-speaking culture, relating them to your  personal life, since everyone’s range of vocabulary is unique and linked to our life experiences,  interests and motivations. Our method, devised by our teaching staff, permits you to  learn “Real English” right away, to associate it with various  contexts keeping your motivation high and allowing you to  personalise your vocabulary and to “sound English”.        Imagine you are learning how to ride a bike or swim.  The instructions from the person who teaches you are like grammar rules: they can help you but are not essential and without direct experience it is not possible to acquire a new skill. Unique method of learning thanks to crossed  associations and ongoing cognitive and emotional  stimulation. About the method:
Your English,   full of           real      emotions
“Innovazione sulla base scientifica, autenticità dei materiali, l’uso di tecnologia, alta motivazione, immersione nella lingua con l’aiuto di insegnanti madrelingua e personalizzazione del percorso formativo… la formula giusta“                  Anastasia Accademic Director Lingue Mirlis   
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