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& CORPORATE TRAINING COURSES Rome is a major EU and international financial, cultural and a business centre. After years of collaboration with some of its most important leading companies, Lingue Mirlis has developed a specific approach to teaching Business English. Customising the lessons to your company’s or individual needs, we offer an in-depth experience that is sure to broaden your horizons when it comes to international business and business in English. Having worked with major players in the fields of engineering, IT, pharmaceuticals, medical infrastructures etc, we are sure to satisfy your demands no matter your expertise. 
Business English is a specialised discipline which focuses on language in the professional world. To understand and be understood in the business world, one needs to refresh and learn this flexible and immediate language. Twinning grammar and vocabulary to fascinating topics, we offer dynamic lessons useful for work. Our offer for Business courses is adapted to your demands. Organised in interchangeable and customised modules, the courses are often refreshed to remain up-to-date with the English-speaking business world.  With a mixture of role plays and practical and theoretical exercises, you learn whilst having fun to stay competitive in the global world.
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