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Career Development University & Job guidance
Unique opportunity offered exclusively by Lingue Mirlis International Educational Centre 2-week intensive course includes: - Language course of your choice - Afternoon activities - Saturday excursion - University guidance - Job guidance - In-company experience) 1 5 sessions available per year
These courses are designed for students, professionals and other motivated learners and individuals, curious about the Italian Education & Professional world. Minimum age 18 years Small groups of 3-8 students for greater personal attention and interaction with your tutor Confident communication Enjoy the opportunity to network with other professionals from all over the world

University guidance:

Best public and prestigious private

universities of Rome. Whether you want to

spend a semester or get a university degree

within the context of an international

environment, we can help you through the

paperwork and technicalities as well as

personalised and accurate counselling, to

transform it into the experience of a lifetime.

Numerous degree programmes that are held

entirely in English or in Italian.

The course includes 3 open days. 

In-company experience:

Why not spend a day in a professional setting you would like to choose for your future profession, you have never experienced before, or you are just curious about? Our Partners will take you into their professional world to help you decide on the right career and learn a lot of new facts and some skills. The course includes 3 open days in companies which work in different fields.

Job guidance:

Our job guidance service has been developed out of a necessity we identified in young people. Under pressure to find a profession, it is easy to be at a loss when it comes to choosing a training path. getting to know the job market identifying your potentials and skills so that you can make optimal choices for your professional career creating personal and professional development projects and learning the basics of self-marketing or personal branding CV writing programme job interview preparation: tips and techniques to help ensure interview success
Studying in Rome.... a dream comes true? Yet sometimes the experience can be tainted by the endless bureaucracy and complex structure of the Italian education system. Let us help you out here. As part of our mission to provide information and access to universities,  public & private, and graduate programs. Years of research and networking have made us a great point of reference when it comes to organising your education exchange in Italy. Our student services will orienteer you and make your journey within Italy’s brilliant academic world a smooth one. Here are a few points we can help you out with:
In-company experience We offer the opportunity to experience an industry first hand in different settings: o metallurgy  o engineering o manufacturing o handicrafts o IT o administration o transport o restaurants o beauty o education o hospitality o childcare Think of your future now and make your dreams tomorrow’s reality.
o finding the right university for your exchange o understanding the Italian education system o choosing the right course at university o finding your way through your open day organised by Lingue Mirlis Educational Centre in collaboration with the university of your choice o finding a family or flatmates to stay with o translation services o your visa o meeting other exchange students through our events Single University Courses are available for Visiting Students. Universities of Rome, public & private, welcome students, graduates and interested individuals to attend single courses (single academic modules taught within various degree programmes) and take related exams without having to be enrolled in an academic programme.
individual booking
Includes: Language course of your choice: group English classes 30h or one-to-one Italian / French / Spanish / Russian lessons 15h University guidance Job guidance 3 open days in universities of Rome 3 open days: in-company experience 3 afternoon activities: Italian Food, Arts & History, Walking tour 1 Saturday excursion to Roman Castles, 11-17, lunch, wine tasting  and transfer included
Group booking 4-8 pers
Fees are per person. Applicant Questionnaire Form and Registration & Cancellation Policy via e-mail: info@linguemirlis.it   
Registration fee
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